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Working alongside homeowners, our licensed electricians make sure that any electrical issue can be solved safely and efficiently.

Electrical installations in commercial buildings are something that is best done by a professional electric contracting company.  Whether your building needs an electrical system completely replaced, or a panel repair, Lionhead Electric is fully equipped to tackle any size you need of electrical installation with professionalism and with customer satisfaction fueling our work ethic. 

We will ensure that your electrical system is working smoothly, keeping all employees and visitors safe both during and after we’ve completed the job. When we arrive at your commercial building, there are several services we offer as part of commercial installation:

  • Disconnect switch: keeps your appliances safe with this switch when a power surges or short circuits. Allows your building to stay up to code.

  • Transformers: give you the ability to monitor and control the voltage being distributed throughout the building

  • Installation of Smoke Detector and Emergency Lights: ensure that your emergency lights are installed and come on when the power goes out to make sure everyone knows where the closest exit is and that your fire alarm panel and smoke detector is set up to monitor numerous zones throughout the building.

  • Systems Wiring for Store and Office Lighting – regardless of the size of your building, we will ensure that your electrical system is properly wired to your lighting. 

  • Isolated Ground Circuits – due to the insulation of the unit, isolated grounds are used to provide a noise-free ground return

  • Dedicated Grounds – Installed when you need an outlet dedicated solely to a copier, printer, or other piece of office furniture.

  • Lighting Contractor – switches to a higher current load, similar to a relay.

Whether you need one or all of the services listed above, Lionhead Electric is more than happy to help. We can come into any commercial building in Brantford, Brant County, Paris, Burford, Simcoe and Hamilton and make sure that your electrical systems not only function properly, but are safe for us while working on them, but for your employees and visitors as well. 

Choosing Lionhead Electric as your electric contracting company to perform all of your commercial electrical installations is the safest and most cost effective way to go. We will bring all of the tools necessary to complete any task asked of us and work in an honest, professional, and friendly manner. We have the knowledge, training and experience to complete electrical installation to your satisfaction and safety. 

The other services we provide our customers are  Electrical Maintenance and Repairs, Backup Generators, Power Saving Solutions, Electrical Inspections, and Surge Protection.

If you are looking to have electrical systems installed in your commercial building, call us to schedule a free virtual estimate.