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Electrical panel installation and upgrade is something that usually goes along with building your new home, or performing renovations. Modern homes today use circuit breaker panels and those are essential when being built for you. To modernize older homes, an upgrade from a fuse panel to a circuit breaker panel gives your home’s electrical system the longevity it needs to last. Our team at Lionhead will be the right fit for you to help assist your electrical needs.

If you are still using a fuse panel, you know how frustrating it is to have to replace each fuse after they blew. That frustration alone is enough to want to upgrade to a circuit breaker panel. Once a breaker trips, you are able to simply flip the switch back to how it was and continue on with your day. You will no longer have to look for the extra fuses you have laying around in a drawer somewhere in your kitchen or garage, or need to drive to the store and buy some.

Fuse panels typically cannot handle the power of modern appliances, which can result in frequent fuses being blown and the chance of an electrical fire increasing at a tremendous amount. When you decide to make the upgrade to a circuit breaker panel, the professionals hired, since it can be very dangerous to do it yourself, typically follow these same steps:

Upgrading and installing electrical panels is something that, while you may be able to physically do yourself, is best left to professionals. The team at Lionhead Electric has the knowledge, skills, and tools to perform any task asked of us with the highest level of professionalism and quality of customer service. We offer our services to residents and businesses in Brantford, Brant County, Paris, Burford, Simcoe, and Hamilton. 

Installing and upgrading electrical panels is just one of the services we offer. Some of the other services we offer include Electrical inspections, Power Saving Solutions,  EV Charging Station installation and service, Electrical Renovation, Wiring, Electrical Installations, Knob & Tube Replacement, Electrical Inspection, Electrical Maintenance and Repair, Hot Tub and Spa Electrical, New Home Electrical, and Emergency Repairs.

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  1. Turn off the main circuit breaker – this is very crucial. You cannot upgrade your panel without first shutting off the electricity to the main circuit breaker.

  2. Remove the outer panel – when this step is completed, it is highly important to move the screwdriver, screws, and panel that you’ve just removed away from the wires that are going into the top of the panel against the wall. Those wires are connected to the electric grid and are still live after you have shut off the breaker and removed the outer panel.

  3. Remove the wires – Label each of the wires before you remove them. Ensure that the live, neutral and ground wires are labeled separately. Remove each wire, and then remove each individual breaker or fuse and set them off to the side. Once everything in this step is completed, the main breaker is removed with extreme caution as the wire will still be live.

4. Prepare the new panel – after the old panel is removed, the new panel can be added to the wall. Once the panel is in place, the individual wires can be attached to the corresponding breakers and the breakers placed into the panel. Each breaker should be labeled with the correct circuit in the home. This makes it much easier to figure out which breaker has tripped when something suddenly shuts off in your home. Circuits that are close to one another will mostly likely be placed in adjacent breakers.