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Working alongside homeowners, our licensed electricians make sure that any electrical issue can be solved safely and efficiently.

Residential electrical renovations and rewiring can be beneficial to you in many ways than one. If you are planning on switching from fuses to circuit breakers and or aluminium to copper wiring to avoid electrical fires, then Lionhead Electrical can help with all your electrical renovations and rewiring needs.

Aluminum wiring has many safety risks including expanding, which can lead to connections loosening, wires melting and eventually catching on fire. Since the 1970s, aluminum wiring has been replaced with copper wiring due to the temperature affecting them over time.

Copper wiring is used in modern homes at an extensive rate. Aluminum wires may be lighter and can be better to use over long distances, but depending on the level of electric current that runs through the aluminum wiring, a cycle of expanding and contracting may happen. This could result in connections to loosen and spark. This can be remedied by switching completely to copper wiring or replacing the connection cap with one that is used for both copper and aluminum, making sure that the connection to the device is copper. Overall, copper wiring is more durable and performs better throughout your home and basement. The smaller conductors in copper wiring are better at transmitting power loads. It is also, by far, the safer option as it will not loosen the connection or spark.

Lionhead Electric can perform electrical renovation and rewiring to homes in Brantford, Brant County, Paris, Burford, Simcoe, and Hamilton. We can come whether you want a complete rewiring, or renovation on your electrical panel or connections throughout your home or basement.

We will bring the highest quality of customer service and professionalism to each task we perform. Ensuring that the wiring in your home is safe for those who live in the home and whoever comes to visit, whether it be friends and family or professionals coming to work throughout your home, is our top priority.

As a professional electric contracting company, we offer many different services throughout the home including EV Charging Station installation and service, Panel Installation, Electrical Renovation, Wiring, Electrical Installations, Knob & Tube Replacement, Electrical Inspection, Electrical Maintenance and Repair, Hot Tub and Spa Electrical, New Home Electrical, and Emergency Repair.

Regardless of what service you’re looking for, Lionhead Electric can help you through any electrical issue that can be remedied, putting your safety first.

If you are interested in having your wiring renovated in your basement or throughout your home or a complete rewiring, contact us today. We are more than happy to provide you a free virtual estimate.