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EV charging stations are essential to you once you’ve left the dealership with your brand-new electric vehicle. While they are better for our environment, they take a lot to maintain. You will need a charging station. There may be some at gas stations or at the dealership, but it would be beneficial for you to have one at your own home.

Charging stations for electric vehicles come in two different levels. Level 1 charging stations come with 120-volt and can charge your plug-in hybrids in 6 to 8 hours. Whereas, Level 2 charging stations are a little more intricate and rather than an outlet, they are connected to an electrical circuit. They have the ability to have an addition to allow multiple plug-in hybrids to charge at once. Plug-in hybrids will fully charge in 3 to 4 hours.

When people think of electrical vehicles, the first thing that comes to mind is the battery electric vehicles, which have no gasoline intake whatsoever, but there are different types of EVs that blend electricity and gasoline to run, including:

  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) – can recharge the battery through regenerative braking or plugging them into an external source of power; gasoline motor kicks in after 10-40 miles to provide assistance to the electric motor

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) – powered by both electricity and gasoline; starts with electric and the gas engine kicks in once car picks up speed

If you have an EV and would like to install a charging station at your home, you will need to go over a few factors first:

  1. Number of amps your EV uses when charging

  2. The capacity of your home’s electrical panel

  3. A 240-volt circuit; do you have one available to use or is there room for it in your current panel?

  4. Will you wire it directly, or use a receptacle?

  5. What will it cost to change the wiring of your home?

To have a charging station at home is very beneficial for several reasons. Finding a charging station can be tricky, depending on where you live and how many others have EVs in the vicinity. Charging your EV at home saves you the cost of having to charge at a shared station. It’s also very convenient, since you don’t have to go anywhere. Just plug it in and wait for it to fully charge. Lastly, having a charging station at your home is the safest option. With electric vehicles being very sought after, having them parked in public for a long period of time, makes them susceptible to being stolen or vandalized. Being able to charge your EV in the comfort and safety of your home will keep your mind at ease.

Lionhead Electric is fully equipped to install a EV charging station with professionalism and our vast customer service. We offer this service to the areas of Brantford, Hamilton, Paris, Simcoe, Burford, and Brant County. The other services we offer these areas include electrical installations, panel installations, electrical maintenance/repairs, knob & tube replacement, backup generators, surge protection, power saving solutions, and electrical inspections.

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