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Owning a hot tub or spa is available in various types and sizes and at affordable prices for more and more people to enjoy. Just as installing any new appliance in the home, electrical work is needed to ensure the system is functioning correctly. When dealing with electricity and water, the system a hot tub owner is facing is potentially dangerous. Its wiring has to be installed meticulously and maintained to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as preventing damage to your property.

This is why it’s essential to trust a licensed electrician with many years of experience in hot tub electrical & spa wiring work in Southern Ontario to perform the work. At Lionhead Electric, our reputation for the best and safest electrical installations and repairs includes hot tubs and spa systems, following all the electrical code steps. No need to take any unnecessary risks with your life or your property. If you leave the wiring and installation to us, you’ll be enjoying your hot tub in no time.

Residential Hot Tubs & Spas
There are many homes in Southern Ontario that feature a hot tub or spa for the enjoyment of both the residents and guests. While they may add value to your home, they also need residential electrical work specializing in hot tubs and spa. Regular checkups are required to ensure that each electrical code is met and the ground wire is functioning correctly in your circuit breaker. The homeowner runs each hot tub installation to determine if they want a portable hot tub or a wired hot tub hooked up to the gcfi outlets leading to the gcfi breaker in your electrical panel.

While installing the hot tub wiring, we can also install landscape lighting to complete the ambiance to create an experience with a hot tub based in your backyard. We will ensure your property has the proper electrical permits with the control system adhering to the local code.

Commercial Hot Tubs & Spas
Many swimming pools, salons, clubs, and hotels have the luxury of a hot tub or spa. Commercial hot tubs require professional installation and electrical system repair. To prevent customer injury, scheduling regular inspections, and maintenance of the electrical systems is crucial.

If you’re looking for a residential or commercial hot tub or spa system, it’s crucial to trust electrical contractors who work with professionalism and have a significant amount of experience.

Contact Lionhead Electric today, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any inquiries you have about the hot tub and spa at your home or business.